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Wish Lists are listed in 2 categories Male & Female and also divided by age – Under 12 years old & Over 12 years old.

If you choose an Over 12 child, we ask that you purchase a $75 gift card (of their choice) and a hoodie in their requested size.

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Recipient ID #:HMB-583-2/5-M-4

Name: Aydin
Gender: Male
Age: 4 years old


Gift Card Requested:
Sweatshirt Size:

Clothes Requested: Tops (shirts), Bottoms (pants/skirts/shorts)
Top Size: Youth S (6/7)
Bottom Size: Youth S (6/7)
Shoe Size:
Additional info: Graphic t-shirts & shorts requested

Toy, Game, Sporting Equipment, or Arts and Crafts Requested Items:
Item #1: LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 10696
Item #2: New Bright (1:14 ) Polaris RZR Batter Radio Control, 2.4 GHz USB Blue, 1475U-2B
Item #3: Dan&Darci Rock Painting Kit For Kids – Arts and Crafts sets for Painting and Decorating

Preferred Books: Letters A B C by Roger Priddy
Reading Level: Kindergarten

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