2023 Wish List

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Recipient ID #:HMB-35-1/7-M-baby

Name: Jay
Gender: Male
Age: 0-11 months

Special Needs Child:

Other info about child:

Gift Card Requested:
Sweatshirt Size:

Clothes Requested: Tops (shirts), Pajamas, Socks
Top Size: 3-6 months
Bottom Size:
Shoe Size: 2 (6-9 months)
Other info about clothing request:

Baby onesies, rompers, neutral color (whites, yellows)

Toy, Game, Sporting Equipment, or Arts and Crafts Requested Items:
Item #1: Montessori Toys for Baby 6-12 months High Contrast Crinkle, Baby play mat baby gym
Item #2: Funny Play Piano Tummy Time Activity Gym Mat with 5 infant learning sensory baby
Item #3: Teething toys, musical turtle baby toys 6-12 months, infant light up music toys for tummy time

Preferred Books:
Reading Level: Newborn/Toddler